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Murickens group An ISO 9001:2015 certified company introduces two registered brand name MG and Flyline with low maintenance, competitive price and with the aim of power saving. In 1990 Murickens Group commenced the production in the field of Electronics, they were keen to develop a MG Dead body Mobile Mortuary which could be of help to the bereaved to preserve the departed for such time, that, the relatives arrive to pay their respect. Now Murickens Group currently has seven types of dead body preserving mobile mortuaries. The main difference between them is the exterior body materials used in the design, the top opening cover material and its design. Being the first manufacturer and supplier of mobile mortuary in this field ,with an experience of more than 30-years.We have thousands of satisfied customers in India and different parts of the world.

Our valued and reputed clients list includes The CISF 7th Battalion Military Camp Chennai, Command hospital Chandimandir, St.Ursula hospital, Pune, Shanti memorial hospital Cuttack, Dept. of Space Sriharikota, Birla research institute, Malayaleeassosation Bhopal..etc. (outside Kerala). Govt. hospitals - Aluva, Kottayam, Varkala, Mulanthuruthy...etc. Co-operate Banks - Marayoor service co-operative bank Idukki, Karukutty service co-operative bank... etc. (Kerala) Al-Amin medical service Bangladesh, Saudi etc...(exporting).


The MG-M2 is the second of the seven models in the Murickens Group's mobile mortuary production line. It has two parts. One head and one body part. The compressor unit and associated electrical control unit are mounted on the head of this model. The head part of the body is elevated than the body part. Therefore dead body can be viewed comfortably from any angle. The top opening cover of pure glass which is 8 mm in thickness is set in a very attractive wooden frame.

The lift handles are also fitted in this wooden frame itself. The capillary pipes attached to the cooling section are made of the highest quality copper pipes. Other companies in the market are using Al / GI on low-quality models. In these situations again and again more money is spent on service. We Murickens Group provides high-quality compressors that help the system to work in a complaint-free manner. We have overcome all these defects and brought the MG Mobile Mortuary to the market. The body can be lifted using the steel tray inside the system. We Murickens Group designsthe space for occupying the dead body in a standard manner i.e. almost all types of dead bodies can be occupied here.

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► Length-228.6 cm (90 inches). ► Height-66.04cm ( 26 inches) ► Width-71.12 cm (28inches ). ► Mortuary Inside length -74.5 inches (189 cm). ► Mortuary Inside Width - 22 inches(57 cm).


► Weight of bottom section of MG M2 dead body mortuary freezer: 65 Kg. ► Weight of top opening pure glass with wooden frame :45 Kg. ► Weight of body lifting steel tray: 7Kg.

Total Weight ofof MG dead body mobile freezer: 117Kg.


► US Technology with low maintenance. ► Dead body can be preserved for longer periods. ► Stainless Steel stretcher. ► Mortuary body made-up of full Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working and long life. ► View from all angles. ► Fully automatic. ► Adjustable Digital display thermo meter. ► Input voltmeter. ► Separate on-off switch for voltmeter ,lights and compressor. ► Insulation - PUF system(New technology). ► Inner side light. ► Top door opening with side view Pure Glass. ► Attractive top door handle 4 No. ► Light weight and compact size. ► Noiseless functioning. ► Wheel mounted (smooth and strong four wheels). ► Attractive look and long durability. ► Temperature from -2oC to -20oC.


                MG M2 MOBILE MORTUARY
Model Name. Description
MG - M2 Standard Model with Pure Glass Top  
Input volt AC power 220-230V  
Top Opening Door Pure Glass Top 8 mm. Fitted on wooden frame.
Dimension  Legth x Height x Width
MG-M2(Glass Standard) 90 " x  26  "  x 28 ":   ( 228.6 cm x 66.04 cm x 71.12 cm)
Mortuary Inside length 74.5 inches (189 cm)
Mortuary Inside Width 22 inches ( 57 cm)
Weight of mortuary Below 120 Kg including stretcher
Compressor Fisher / Emersion : 250 watts , model 415.
Total system power 350 w including fan, lights and compressor
Temperature Digital display, adjustable temperature.
Structure of the body Stainless-steel and copper ,
Outer Nonmagnetic Steel 202,Gauge 22, Inner Steel 304 Gauge 26, Structure 202 Gauge 26
Applicable generator 2000VA, 2800 VA or 3000 VA.
Applicable stabilizer 1.5 kva wide range special
Above dimensions will change , according to the model.

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Available in two models Fiber glass top and Pure glass top models.

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