Now a days advertising strategy is an unavoidable fact in the field of marketing of any kind of products. At present so many methods of displaying by advertisement such as flex boards, hoarding, neon boards etc. which are placing the top and side of the buildings, side of roads etc. In the case of neon boards and box type boards which are concealing tubes and bulbs there is a need of electricity or generator and man power is using to put on the switch in the evening and put off the switch in the morning. Murickens Group developed a solar energy based advertisement board and in it using led lights by using battery which is charging by solar energy from the solar panel and it is automatically switch on the lights within a fixed time in the evening and switch off in the morning. There is no usage of man power. This kind of boards is extremely highlighting in the night other than the neon-tube based boards. It can also be adopted as a sign boards specifying the routes, cities, town and other cautions in the highways, state highways and other main roads, bus stand, railway station and airports. It is also maintenance free and most attractive in the field of advertising.our valued clients including Agricultural University in Malapuram, Government of Kerala,CISF 7th battalion military campin Karipoor Airport ISRO Sreeharikotta, Marine Fisheries Dept of India, Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL) is most important that the installation should be undertake by a well experienced and qualified technical expert to get 100% output of the system and avoid unnecessary expenses and for a.smooth and trouble free function of the system. The maximum solar power consumption is depending up on that you turn to an experienced technical advice.


►DC volt out put 12V or 24 V. ► It have automatic control system (Dusk to Down). ► It is best solution for lighting public advertising board and banners. ► It is available in 3w, 6w, 9w, 12w, 18w, 21w 24 w, 27w, 30 w, and above. ►By using powerful LED and CFL 100% brightness for the light is guaranteed.► its power consumption is very low and get very good back up. ► No need of wiring, so we can forget the headache of wiring and its expense. ► With the cost of AC cable and wiring, you can install a fly line full light system, with out electricity bill and man power. ► We can charge the battery with the help of solar cell. ► Its Initial cost is also very low. ► No further expense ► Very low maintenance. ►Its Specially designed and well developed control system to protect the whole unit.

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