This is specially designed and most compatible UPS with 100 % AudioNoise Filter and less distortion for video coaches, cars and vans for working in Fridges, DTS, both video and audio systems, light fittings etc. Once this inverter has been fitted in vehicles, we can forget audio and video power related problems.


► No audio or video disturbances.► Compact in size.► Lightning protection.► High and low voltage protection.► Fully automatic.► Maintenance free and attractive design.► A remarkable advantage of auto resetting facility.► Single switch operation.► Noise free.► Bridge type center aligned switching MOSFET based topology.► Settable SMPS intelligent charging system.► Over load protection.► Over charge and deep discharge cut-off system makes the life of the battery longer.► Audio and visual indicators.► DSP based very low component cost design.► Single sided PCB, easy to assemble without any SMD components..

Auto Inverter- Mode AI- 650 AI- 1000 AI- 1300 AI- 2000 AI- 3000
Power  650VA 1000VA 1300VA 2000VA 3000VA
Input voltage  12V 12V 24V 24V 48V
Output voltage  185V - 240V 190V - 240V 190V - 240V 195V - 240V 200V - 240V
No load loss  1.50%
Output frequency  50 -60Hz
Output wave  Sine Wave
Efficiency  95% 95%   95%   95%  95%
Battery  Depending up on backup time we need

Our standard models are: 250VA, 650VA, 1000VA, 1300VA, 2000VA, 3000VA, 4000VA, 5000VA and 6000 VA. 09447366779, 09446822522

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