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MG Solar Water Heater is one of the fastest moving products of Murickens' Group, it was introduced to the Kerala market with the intention of promoting saving money and decreasing the usage of electricity with the help of solar energy. Murickens, Solar Water Heaters are most efficient and is known for its quality of high performance as compared to other water heaters presently available in Kerala market.

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This is a one time investment for the present and future generation because it provides long durability. It is ideal for Kerala's climatic conditions.We have made a place of our own in the field of solar based power units since the installation from 2000 and have done thousands of solar power unit installations in many places including Agricultural University in Malapuram, Government of Kerala,CISF 7th battalion military campin Karipoor Airport, ISRO Sreeharikotta, Marine Fisheries Dept of India, Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL) etc.For trouble free service of the system, it is essential that the installation should be undertake by a well experienced technical person to get 100% out put of the system and avoid unnecessary expenses and for a smooth continous operation. The maximum solar power consumption is depends up on to follow the advice of a technical expert.

There are two types of solar water heater FPC and ETC. Both areavailable in Kerala market . First is a Flat Plate Collector (FPC technology) this is the most suitable for Kerala climate and it provide water upto 80 °C from this unit, Murickens' proved its benefit and quality in Kerala market since 25 years back. Second one is Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC technology) which are made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes. We can achieve a temperature of around 40 ± 5 °C.


► Maintenance free. ► Water heated up to 80°C. ► No electrical hazard.► No expenses after installation. ► The best way of getting natural hot water for cooking and industrial purpose. ► Copper capillaries. ► PUF system and glass wool to avoid conduction loss for storage tank. ► Light weight. ► T I G welded fins and tubes. ► Compact in size. ► Heat expulsion. ► Fully automatic. ► High quality tempered 4mm thick front glass. ► Sturdy and weather proof design. ► Different Capacity starting from 125 liters to 1000 liters. ► Custom built Solar Water Heater can also be provided. ► Two models FPC and ETC.► In FPC special model we can connect pressure pump.

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