If you suffer from power fluctuation, this is a be-fitting solution for getting 240V power without any variation and interruption. In this system, the load is always connected to the UPS. This UPS works either on rectified Mains Voltage, in case, where the Mains power is being available, or, works on battery in case of Mains failure. The rectified mains and battery are being connected in parallel. This system is a true Non-Break power supply. It works from 12V, 24V or higher voltage battery for providing 240V constant output Voltage. An Online UPS system differs from the less expensive line interactive UPS system in that the online system provides the highest quality power protection. This is done via a double power conversion technique. The Online UPS takes incoming power, converts it to DC, conditions it, and converts it back to AC. This means the UPS is Online since there is no delay in switching over to battery.


► Low power consumption.► Audio and Visual indicators.► Low and High Battery charging cut off.► By using recommended battery we get constant voltage output.► Output 240V to 415V.► Input voltage 180V to 390V.► Fully automatic.► Compact in size.► Low maintenance - Long durability.► The number of Batteries required, depends upon capacity of the UPS.

Sl. Parameter Single Phase Unit Three Phase Unit
1 Rating 1 KVA to 15 KVA      6 KVA to 100 KVA
2 Battery  Volt /KVA 1KVA-36V 2KVA- 72V 3KVA- 72V 5KVA- 192V 7KVA- 192V 10KVA- 240V 12KVA- 240V 15KVA- 240V
3 Special Sine Wave Model 1KVA- 12V 1.3KVA-24V 2KVA- 24V 3KVA- 48V Nil
4 Input Voltage Range  190 V -270 V 375-450V
5 Nominal Output Voltage 240V 415V
6 Output Voltage Accuracy ± 1% ± 3%
7 Output Frequency  50 Hz: ± 1% 50 Hz: ± 1%
8 Input Frequency 45-55 Hz 45-55 Hz
9 Power Factory -0.8 lagging to unity  
10 Voltage Correction Rate Voltage Correction                                       
  1. Air Cooled 35V/Sec. 35V/Sec.
  2. Oil Cooled 35V/ Sec                  35V/ Sec        
11 Efficiency 90% 90%
12 Control Digital/Analogue Digital/Analogue
13 Winding Cooper wind   
14 Noise Low noise <50db         
15 Heat above 50 degree         
16 Wave form Pure sine wave  
17 Mounting Free on wheel  
    Compact in size  
    Can work on Generators  
18 Transient response For step load change of 0% to 100% and 100% to 0% 
    Output remains within +/- 5% and recovers within 5 m secs.
Our standard models are: 250VA, 650VA, 1000VA, 1300VA, 2000VA, 3000VA, 4000VA, 5000VA and 6000 VA.

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