Murickens' Group Flyline stabilizer is an important product for all home appliances because this stabilizer can act as a safeguard to the costly electronic and electrical equipments such as fridges, freezers, TVs, DVDs, music systems and home theatres. It is fully automatic with different capacities and modern features, as when there is any abnormality, it will sound an alarm with simple beeping sound so that one can check the instrument. Once it is installed at the residence you can forget about the damage due to lighting, thunder, voltage fluctuation etc.


► Low power consumption. ► Protection from voltage fluctuation and lightning. ► Compact in size. ► Attractive colors. ► High voltage cut off. ► With and without time delay function. ► Wall Mount is also available. ► LED indicators for Input and Output. ► Fully automatic. ► Available in Semi-automatic and manual models. Range:- 200 VA, 300VA, 500VA, ( Working range form 50V to 240V, 80V to 240V, 120V to 240V, 160V to 240V ). ► Models are available as per Customers specifications .


medium capacity :- 1KVA, 2KVA 3KVA & 5KVA FOR Single Phase with Working range from- 120V to 240, AND 160 V TO 240V.


with the capacity of :- 6KVA, 10KVA, 20KVA and up to 90KVA, For three phase current with the normal working range of 300V to 450V and wide range is 240V to 450V, For single phase current with the working range of normal is 160V to 270V and wide range is 120V to 270V.

Sl.No. Parameter  Standard Single Phase Wide Range  Single Phase
1 Rating 200 VA to 4 KVA 200VA to 4 KVA
2 Input Voltage Range  160 to 270 60 v to 270
3 AVR  with AVR with AVR
4 Nominal Output Voltage 190 TO 240 180 TO 240
5 Output Voltage Accuracy Depended on input volt Depended on input volt
6 Efficiency 97% 97%
7 Protection Llightning, over volt, low volt Lightning, over volt, low volt
8 Delay With and without With and without
9 Winding Copper Winded Copper Winded
10 Waveform Pure Sine Wave Pure Sine Wave
11 Mounting Free  Free 

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