Mortuary chamber consists of compressor fixed at head side with control panel. Door is fixed at leg side with locking possibility and a tray is available inside. Control panel consists of four switches. 1. Light switch: “On” this switch only when light is required inside the chamber. 2. Voltmeter switch: “On” this switch only when voltage is to be checked. 3. Compressor switch: Always on this switch to keep the compressor in on position when there is body inside also remember to on this compressor minimum 15 minutes before use. 4. Alarm switch: “On” this switch only after the compressor gets on and the required inside temperature is gained below set point of 0 deg C, then alarm will sound when the compressor fault occurs ie when temperature reaches above +5 V. There are two Control units: 1. For Alarm : Top display control unit is for Alarm settings, set points - High: +5 deg C, Low : 0 deg C. For Compressor : Bottom display control unit is for Compressor settings, set points -High: -10 deg C, Low: -6 deg C.

Maintenance: Mop the chamber and tray using cotton waste with clean water and use only shampoo if required. Do not use any chemicals to clean. Description: 1. With the help of the digital temperature control unit, we can set the inside temperature of the mortuary chamber. Normal set point is -10 degC and can change as per the customer. 2. For Unlocking the set parameters you can call our Customer Service. 3. M.G mortuary chamber, is a fully automatic 3.system, which can be connected with the prescribed capacity of stabilizer, to main power line of A/C 240 volt. 4. All ways make sure that power is available and incase of power failure use generator capacity of 2 kva for single unit. 5. We can use the mortuary chamber continuously in “on” condition, the compressor will go to “OFF” position automatically, when the required temperature is achieved. 6. With this MG mortuary chamber a body can normally preserve for a long time . It is advisable to keep the body inside the chamber within 4 to 5 hours after death. When placing the body, Position of the head should be little higher than the body level.

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