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Murickens Group an ISO 9001:2015 certified company introduces two registered brand name MG and Flyline with low maintenance, competitive price and with the aim of power saving. In 1990 Murickens Group commenced the production in the field of Electronics; they were keen to develop a MG deep freezers. It is widely used to preserve food items such as cool drinks, milk, curd, fish, and meat as well as boiled items without spoiling the unique taste.The murickens group, which started manufacturing and marketing in the deep freezer sector in the 1990s, launched the multi-capacity power saver MG freezer to meet market demand of Kerala. It has also been able to attract attention in this area in a very short period of time.

The MG deep freezer is one of the major products of the murickens group which uses low power to give high efficiency. We have been installing this product in Kerala with a warranty on it. MG deep freezer, which has the international quality and ISO certification, has many qualities. First of all, it is compact. Before the arrival of the MG deep freezer to the market, cold or frozen products were stored in indifferent freezers. But our product is a complete solution to that. This has different cabins in which the temperature for each product like meat, milk, Cool drinks etc. can be set differently.

This deep freezer is ideal for institutions like bakeries, hotels, cold storages, etc. which has several edible and Non edibles to be stored. Murickens use high-efficiency compressors which give the system longevity. The capillary pipes used for cooling are made up of copper, which resists corrosion which occurs in other low-quality freezer. The top part of this is made up of steels. The inner part is designed with steel and copper or any other according to the needs of the customer. Pure steel is used inside for the freezer to cool milk and other cool drinks. GI is used inside for cooling meat and fish items. Overall, this deep freezer has many advantages when compared to the other freezer available in the market.

Customer's specific models are available with the capacity of 150 litre to 600 litres in low power consumption, according to the market needs, Murickens successfully developed mobile freezers to use and carry ice-cream and meat products from place to place without changing the neutrality of vehicles like auto rickshaw, mini vans etc. The main advantage is it will get 12-hour back-up without power supply with natural taste, if we compare to glycol freezer, our PUF system body condensing freezer is power saver one and the second main point is there will be no in convenience due to leakage of glycol. We have also developed another special freezer with supper fast cooling feature that reduces the temperature up to -40°C for Sharjah shake ice cream business.

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► Low power consumption (1 to 2.5 units per day). ►The main advantage is choice of door for water/milk cooler or freezer in single freezer (3-in-one). ►Maintenance free system based on American technology. ►PUF System. ►Light weight. ►Fully automatic. ►Uniform cooling guaranteed by using copper capillaries. ►Fast freezing. ►Special design retains cooling for a longer period during power failures. ►Special design and technology ensures longer compressor life and uniform performance throughout the lifespan. ►Separate containers. ►Single, double, triple door or four doors. ►Galvanized steel sheet outer body. ►Top cover and door Pure steel. ►Special model can reach up to minus 40oC. ►Body condensing and no extra condenser unit/condenser cooling fan. ►Compact in size and attractive colour. ►Wheel mounted if needed. ►Power and cut off indicator. ►Adjustable thermostat (range -30 to -20) or digital meter. ►Provision for inner partition. ►Special model for Sharjah shake business..


Model 150 Liters 200 Liters 300 Liters 400 Liters 500 Liters
Input current  200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v
Compressor  watts 159w 245w 245w 325w 325
S.steel top & Door  Double Double Triple Four Door Four Door
Length 102cm 116cm 152cm 185cm 190cm
Width 56cm 56cm 56cm 61cm 63.5cm
Height 80cm 80cm 80cm 80cm 80cm
Gass R134 R134 R134 134 134
 Power Consumption Standard Condition 1 to 1¼ unit/day 1¼ to 2 unit/day 2 to 2½ unit/day 2½ to 3½ unit/day 3½ to 4
Stabilizer  500 va 500 va 1 kva 1 kva  2 kva
Cooling coil    pure copper      
Above body dimensions will change in combined freezer.

Our satisfied clients include prestigious institutions like Karipoor international airport, 7th battalion military camp, ISRO Sriharikota, Marine fisheries dept. of India etc..

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